Athletic swimwear fit for the fit sports bra style retro vintage island style

Swimwear 2021/2022


Sports Classics inspired by vintage Euro nautical and varsity swimwear with just the right amount of coverage to enable you to comfortable run, splash, surf and climb around a boat while retaining The Alex Companies alluring "Classically Provocative" concept.  The double layers of top quality fabric with 18% Spandex provides great support, coverage and comfort.

Material: 18% Spandex 82% Lycra

Colors: (Vary with Styles)

Red, White Ribbed, Navy Blue, Navy/White Cabana stripe, Red/White Cabana Stripe, Black textured Pique. Pink/Orange, Yellow/white

Print: Solids, Stripes

Fit: Missy

Wash: Hand wash cold